Safe, Natural and Effective Herbal Remedy for Epididymitis


Male inflammation of the epididymis is a very great harm. If patients do not get timely treatment, male sexual function will be affected and then lead to infertility. Experts point out that early epididymitis  is a cellulitis, began in the ejaculatory duct and spread to the tail of the epididymis. Under the light microscope, it can also see the tissue edema, neutrophils, plasma cells and lymphocyte infiltration, gradually abscess will be formed, epithelial necrosis, inflammation will be completely absorbed, but the epididymis tubule fibrosis often leads to the lumen obstruction, if it is bilateral epididymitis, eventually it will lead to infertility.


Symptoms of epididymitis


At the acute stage, patients will suffer from sudden high fever, elevated white blood cells, ipsilateral scrotal pain, the lower abdomen and groin have involved pain, standing or walking intensified. Ipsilateral epididymal enlargement, there was tenderness. A larger range of inflammation, the epididymis and testicular swelling, the boundaries of the two touch is unclear, known as epididymal orchitis. Ipsilateral spermatic cord thickening which is tender. Under normal circumstances, acute symptoms can gradually fade after a week with medication treatment.


Epididymitis caused by bacterial infection. Manifested as sudden scrotal pain, epididymal swelling, significant tenderness, it may be associated with fever, epididymal induration and so on.
Safe, Natural and Effective Herbal Remedy for Epididymitis


Epididymitis belongs to the scope of traditional Chinese medicine carbuncle, clinical manifestations of sudden onset, scrotal pain, bulge, and accompanied by fever, and other systemic infection symptoms, pain radiation to the groin, lower abdomen and perineum. In the treatment of epididymitis the male compatriots must be based on their incidence, doctor should explain the infection cycle and the time of illness. Male patients with symptoms of epididymitis should be actively cooperate with the doctor’s diagnosis and treatment. Commonly, this infection can be cured completely by herbal medicine called Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill without relapse.

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