Hydrosalpinx Treatment Without Surgery


Hydrodalpinx have the following effects: if the hydrosalpinx is not treated on time or incomplete ly, the harm is very serious. Early scientific treatment should be done as soon as the disease is detected, it has mainly caused the following two consequences: infertility and ectopic pregnancy. Hydrosalpinx will cause infertility if the treatment is dragged for a long time, tubal function has a very important role in pregnancy, it can capture from the ovary to abdominal mature eggs, and provide the channel of sperm uplink, so that the sperm in the Fallopian tube can be fertilized with the eggs. If there is water in the end of the Fallopian tube, sperm cannot reach the place and meet eggs, which led to infertility.


Things You Need to Know About Hydrosalpinx
1. The treatment of Hydrosalpinx should not be delayed, otherwise, it will cause uterine cavity water, water may increase in ovulation, the flow of liquid into the uterine cavity will increase. Dragged for a long time will affect the embryo implantation of Fallopian tube.

2. Water sactosalpinx contains microorganisms, debris and toxic substances directly into the uterine cavity and Fallopian tube effusion due to the existence of tissue, it releases cytokines, prostaglandins, chemokines and other inflammatory complexes. Delayed for a long time will affect endometrial receptivity.

3. Permanent damage: sactosalpinxb is often caused by infection, and most from the ascending infection, thus, cause endometrial damage, leaving a permanent planting receptivity for embryo effects. If Hydrosalpinx is dragged , it will be ectopic pregnancy, under normal circumstances, the transported into the uterine cavity, and hydrosalpinx, fertilized eggs cannot reach in the uterine cavity and Fallopian tube and other parts for growth. Ectopic pregnancy can cause bleeding, shock and even life-threatening.



Hydrosalpinx Treatment Without Surgery

Taking medicine is one of the most effective choices for curing the disease, such as the Fuyan Pills, it can increase the patients’ resistance, enhance the immune system, also, it has no any side effect. Apart from this, preventing measures are necessary to take, for example, take care to personal hygiene, patients should strengthen their nutrition in daily life, avoid being infected other diseases. Early treatment must be done, the possibility of curing any diseases can be widened as long as the diseases treated early. Pay attention to have a rest after surgical operation, after treatment, patients should sleep more, and eat more vitamin. In addition, try to ease the pain through foods.


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